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Our vision entails new application avenues in the fields of quantum technology, material analysis and surveying, radiation detection, cosmology, and astronomy. We expect significant impact for airborne or space-oriented applications, because of the breakthrough reduction in payload mass and complexity allowed by our cooling solution.

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The Idea!

Temperatures below 1 kelvin are a prerequisite, to several important technologies. The elements to be refrigerated tend to be quite small but the techniques used to achieve sub-kelvin temperatures are expensive and cumbersome. These limitations have been an obstacle to broad-scale deployment of sub-kelvin electronics and photonics.

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Our goals!

SoCool aims to develop an extremely compact and fully electrical solid-state refrigerator, able to continuously cool electronic devices from above 2.5 K to below 100 mK, without any need 3He cryogenic fluid or magnetic fields.


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How do we do it!

Our approach is based on tunnel junctions, that can operate similarly as vacuum isolated thermionic coolers. This approach provides full scalability for the total cooling power and ability to create large temperature drops by engineering a 3D stacked multi-chip cooler system.

About VTT

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a Finnish, state-owned company. We’ve been developing and manufacturing superconducting quantum devices to customers since the 1990s and we count on around 50 researchers focusing on quantum technologies, along with 150 additional experts focusing on microelectronics R&D, prototyping and small-scale manufacturing.

logo VTTVTT’s decades of unique expertise in superconductive technologies makes us a forerunner in providing components and technology for quantum applications.

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